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Gemini Horoscope

They love change and possess foresightedness. As a rule, they are short tempered but cool down quite easily.

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They can consistently work without feeling fatigue, which adversely affects their health. They get help from friends and relatives. They are more passionate towards sex. They learn quickly the traits of their service or occupation and are usually successful. They usually have big families. They are prone to addictions.

They are comedians by nature. Professions of Engineering, architecture or apparel are of their taste. They are religious. They rise quite late in their lives. They are prone to cold and eye diseases.

Economic Condition for Gemini Horoscope 2020

They have poor digestive power. Prediction Dreams Int. Good, Can improve. They have great ability to use their hands and many times are ambidextrous. Misuse of their positive traits causes them to be undependable, fickle, indecisive, naggers, and big dreamers.

All About Gemini Rising sign & Gemini Ascendant In Astrology

Concentration can become difficult. Above all, the Gemini needs to learn to channel or control his energy and his mind. Instead of being a "jack-of-all-trades" and master of none, he can be the master of many. Gemini like all other zodiac signs, contains three Nakshatra or lunar mansion, which are half of the Mrigashira Nakshatra , entire Ardra Nakshatra and two third of the Punarvasu Nakshatra. Gemini House in Natal Chart indicates: This is where you will have vivification, curiosity, blossom time.

This is where your conscious mind functions. The human and divine dual aspects of ourselves need harmonizing here. Many growth experiences are a result of our curiosity. Gemini rules the hands, arms, shoulders and central nervous system in general.

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The lungs and respiratory system are also indicated by Gemini. Afflicted planets in Gemini may produce bronchitis, nervous disorders, pleurisy, hyperventilation, shallow breathing that should be deepened to get proper amounts of oxygen into the bloodstream and injuries to the arms and fingers. All occupation related to Mercury and the third house but not requiring too much detail.

Gemini Horoscope 12222 For Career

It governs all things and people having to do with transportation and communication. If a person is born between 15th to 24th June, the Sun remains in the 1st Decan of Gemini ruled by Mercury. This position implies a kind, humane, intellectual and expressive disposition. The fate is improved when restlessness and diffusiveness are overcome. The whole life will advance through educational and intellectual progress.

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Arts & Humanities

The native is very curious and has a tremendous desire to learn. It balances the whole sign providing the native with perception, foresight and real artistic ability. It also affords an opportunity to blend head and heart with reason and intuition. If a person is born between 4th to 15th July, the Sun remains in the 3rd Decan of Gemini ruled by Saturn. People born in this Decan are successful in dealing with the public. With discpline and hard work they can do well in life.

Fate is influenced by guardians or friends and often there is something connected with domestic affairs which affects the whole life for positive or negative.

Gemini is the social butterfly of the Zodiac and has lots of friends. One side of a Gemini will want to go hang-gliding and run around outside, while the other is keen on sitting cozily at home and playing a board game. Their friends need to be as diverse as they are in order to keep up, or they just need to know when to let Gemini go free. If you can match their pace and temperament, you and your friend will have a blast. Take along your Gemini friend and enjoy the new perspective they give to even the most ordinary situations.

If you can match wits with this one, they will respect your intellect and work to develop this friendship. The Gemini can bond well with lots of different kinds of groups. If they get bored with one set of people, they always have a few more groups that will be more interesting, for awhile. The Gemini is both fun and funny and love to laugh, play and romp. They are possessed of a very active mind, which can lead to a short attention span. The best way to keep the Gemini around, and aroused, is through mental stimulation. Gemini also values adventure and travel, so a certain footloose and fancy free-ness will help this romance bloom.

The duality of the Gemini allows them to see both sides of an issue, so in times of stress, they are much likelier to be a lover than a fighter.