17 december horoscope for leo

Nobody get to treat you like a doormat, Cancer. Passion is power.

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From where you are standing, you know there is no mountain too high to climb. Your courage to make your own path inspires those around you.

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Ground your energy, Leo. Know the difference between impulse and instinct. Think things through. Taking practical decisions is the key to moving forward both personally and professionally. Cosmic tip: Know the difference between impulse and instinct. When disillusionment gets the better of you, breathe. Centre yourself. Patience is the operative word.

Cosmic tip: Everything is working out according to the divine plan. Your power word is patience. Unconditional love has always been your superpower.


But are you guilty of bending yourself backwards for another? Give where you receive, Libra. Cosmic tip: Look out for people who look out for you. Seek balance in every area of your life. Out with the old, Scorpio. This includes not just the bad memories, but the good ones too. How many times have you allowed yourself to imagine the potential of what could have been? Ask yourself if it makes any sense to play the old tape over and over. Let go. Free yourself and the others involved.

Take a deep breath, Sagittarius. Everything is in perfect order. Take the first step to make amends. Your loved ones will pick up on your energy and hop onto the peace and love bandwagon. Remember, the lows usually precede the highs. At any point of time you have two options: to succumb to the drama or rise above it. Tap into your inner Buddha and you will be able to break past patterns that have been holding you down. Cosmic tip: Things on the home front resolve themselves with maximum feels and minimum drama. Your physical space is an accurate reflection of your mental space.

Clutter, clutter, everywhere? Your life is in need of some serious spring cleaning.

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The best way to let good chi in is by the letting bad chi go. So, channel your inner Monica. Do away with the things that have served their purpose in your life. Reuse, recycle and see how to use the things you possess best instead of purchasing more. Take a look at your friend list too.

Yours comes from knowing that you are not in alignment with the grand plan and creating the life you were always meant to.

Your intuition is super sharp at this moment. Trust the divine downloads coming your way. They will help you make the important decisions you need to in order to progress on your chosen path.

The projects coming your way are very much in alignment with the grand plan. Capricorn season on Friday has you longing for the people and places that keep you safe. Home is where your heart is! Ready for The Talk, Scorpio? It's time to be honest with yourself and transparent with lovers. Capricorn season has you flexing your curiosity and communication muscles on Friday—let it shine!


December 17th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

If you follow your intuition, the full moon on Saturday can take you on a wonderful adventure. A weekend getaway might be in store! Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! This week, trust your gut, and let go of anything that doesn't serve you, so you can make space for the new experiences coming your way in Your birthday season begins on Friday, Capricorn, and you're almost at the mountaintop!

Allow yourself the gift of receiving their support—you deserve it! Make time for love and relationships. Collaboration determines the outcome, Aquarius, and your skills in this area will allow you and your colleagues to connect in wonderful ways and achieve success. Intelligence is your biggest fetish right now, Pisces.

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Follow the partners who are blessed with heart and brains. Friday has you socializing with friends after a workhorse of a month, and the full moon on Saturday is in your courage zone. Be brave, and share the story of your heart! Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Getty Images.

Daily Horoscope: December 17, 2018

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